IRTG 2657 Research Research Projects
Fast parametric investigations for bone-implant surgery planning

Fast parametric investigations for bone-implant surgery planning

Team:  Fynn Bensel, Udo Nackenhorst, Pierre-Alain Boucard
Year:  2021

Stress adaptive bone remodeling simulations have been well developed in the past. However, for clinical application a framework for parametric investigations is needed, where the parameter space is defined by patient individual constitution. In this project it is planned to derive a reduced order model for fast evaluation of the whole parameter space and visualization. For that, the full high-fidelity simulation scheme (starting from model generation based on image data, positioning of implants and remodeling simulation will be parametrized). A sophisticated snap-shot technique, e.g. adaptive greedy sampling, will be used to generate a reduced order model (e.g. adaptive grid, response surface). Results will be post-processed for major quantities of interest, e.g. prior-implant stability, bone-loss in Gruen zones, and visualized on the fly. 3d virtual reality approaches will be utilized to augment the visualization. 


Doctoral Researcher: Fynn Bensel

Scientific Advisors: Udo Nackenhorst, Pierre-Alain Boucard