IRTG 2657 Research Research Projects
Adaptive space-time goal-oriented methods for nonstationary fluid-structure interaction

Adaptive space-time goal-oriented methods for nonstationary fluid-structure interaction

Team:  Julian Roth, Thomas Wick, Ludovic Chamoin
Year:  2021

In this project, first a space-time formulation (e.g., see [4]) of fluid-structure interaction [3,2] shall be developed. Therein, the temporal variable, based on a Galerkin discretization, can be split from the spatial discretization such that typical sequential time-stepping schemes are obtained [5]. Afterward, a space-time a goal-oriented error estimator based on dual-weighted residuals shall be derived. A crucial aspect is the efficient computation of the adjoint problem. On this basis, local error indicators for spatial and temporal refinements are extracted [5] (for incompressible Navier-Stokes) and [4] (for temporal refinements only). Since the overall problem is highly nonlinear, balancing of discretization and iteration errors may be a first option [1] (only for stationary problems so far); or a second option may be multigoal-oriented estimates; see again [1] or [6]. Having such a reliable computational framework, practical engineering problems shall be addressed in joint mathematical-engineering collaborations within the IRTG.


Doctoral Researcher: Julian Roth

Scientific Advisors: Thomas Wick, Ludovic Chamoin


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